Saturday, August 3, 2013


Do I even dare try to start to catch up? I haven’t updated this since April! How sad and pathetic am I. I think I will try and do it in a two-part post due to the fact I will probably have way too many pictures to post. Ill do May and June now then July and August hopefully tomorrow… maybe… probably not.

Chad left for the summer just three days after we closed on the house. So pretty much he hasn’t even seen the house decorated or taken a decent shower in his shower cause there were no blinds those three days. I stayed in St George most of the month of May and tried turning this house into our home. We still have a ways to go but at least I got some pictures hung and a few things put together.

Bailey came to visit right after Chad had left and we got to do lots of fun things with her. We went to the splash pad, swimming pool, rode the carousel and flew a kite at the park. We love when we have visitors especially Bailey and especially when were home alone.

Then we went back to Richfield because there’s only so much you can do at a house with the Internet or TV. We celebrated Payton’s 13th birthday, went on nightly four wheeler rides with grandpa, found out the gender of Lindie and Cam’s twins (BOY and GIRL), help grandma and grandpa plant flowers, got Scoti her first fat lip and celebrated Uncle Cam’s birthday at the cabin!

We came back to St George before we were to leave for the summer and were able to celebrate Adelaide’s Birthday (Lots of Birthdays this month), go to Uncle Cade’s graduation and go to the splash pad with Scoti’s cousins!

We flew from Vegas to Tulsa May 27th. We were more than ready and excited to see Chad! When we got to the hotel Chad had an OKC Thunder shirt, flowers and a card waiting for me on our couch. Scoti tried so hard to wait up for Chad but passed out on our bed a few minutes before he got home.

The day after getting there we were already having tornado scares. Lots of bad weather, tornado warnings and even had sirens go off one night and all had to go to the hallways. One ended up hitting down just a couple miles from where we were.

We got into our apartments the week after I got into town. You never know what exactly you will get with summer sales so when we got super super nice apartments I couldn’t be happier. They are brand new apartments with a nice pool, gym and the location is prime. I consider any location prime if you have a target less than a mile away.  Doesn’t hurt when there’s a mall, cheesecake factory and krispy kreme only a mile away too.

Some activities we did June were… going to the Tulsa Technology Center, lots of splash pads and parks, Tulsa Zoo with dad, explore downtown, national donut day, went swimming.. everyday, celebrate father’s day, went to the aquarium, went to the city pool and rode the carousel with dad.